It’s Friday, High Five!

w1000_h1000Photo via Domino by HEATHER HAWKINS

Hey guys, did anyone ever tell you moving is hard? Physically, financially, emotionally…

Physically,  goes without saying. Boxes of book are heavy and even if I’m pushing furniture around the house on a towel it is real life CrossFit. I don’t need one of those silly giant tires, I have a solid pine German armoire I can push around the house.

Financially, holy cow they are bleeding me dry. Car shipping, deposits for the new house, tuition for the new school and oh yeah that packet they sent home for the school fund raise on THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Emotionally I have been moving for the last four months and I am exhausted. You know this when you burst into tears because the school sent home the emergency contact card.  You know, the card your supposed to fill out saying who the school should contact if they can not reach you in the event of emergency. Well, when you have absolutely no one to put on it, it tends to send you over the edge. Half the time I end up putting some person I’ve met once through my husbands work ,who my child would not know even if they did show up, and hope they are not a sociopath.

But wait it’s Friday and I’m supposed to be sharing my high-five moments, right? So on a happier note, I shared some of my painting earlier in the week and since then have finished painting our large living room. That means all the living areas have a fresh coat of paint and are ready for decor. I am excited for this part so I’m trying not to get too overwhelmed by the amount of work that still needs to be done and all the things that need to find a place. I am getting a little done each day and finally have one room almost complete, granted its Chuck’s man-cave but still, high-five for that!

Here are a few more I ran a cross this week…


1.The photo above from Abbe Fenimore, of Studio Ten 25 that was recently feature on in an article titled A Fearlessy designed Home in Dallas. I love everything about this house!

2. Bellerby & Co. Globemakers one of the only hand made globe studio in the world, take a tour.

3. Collected, Living with the Things You Love  by Fritz Karsh a beautiful book I ran across in Germany (in German) but last week I ran across a copy in English and had to have it.

4. The 1962 TWA Fight Center at JFK airport is about to be converted to a hotel but before it does ChronoPoints is using three-dimensional terrestrial laser scanning to document the historic building. Totally amazing technology, and architecture!

5. Photographer Jane Long ‘s collection Dnacing with Costică features colorized old photos that she has given a new surreal twist.

Have a great weekend guys, I have to get back to work!


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