Colorful Home Shopping

Living in Europe the last two years I really came to appreciate just how much America has to offer in retail home shopping. I had always taken for granted all the beautiful home accessories that were right at my fingertips in so many different styles. Once I realized that was not the case in my new part of the world every visit home felt like I was coming into town for supplies.. Every trip I would return to Germany with my suitcase packed full of fabric and home goods.

Now that I am back in the Sates for good I am enjoying shopping my favorite stores regularly. I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have to pack it all up right away. I can come back tomorrow, next week, or even next month and check things out again. Over the last few weeks I have run across quite a few colorful items I have my eye on. Maybe once I get the house a little more settled I can find a way to work them in. Have a look at a few of my favorites, you may find one you can’t live without.

  1. Gold Lotus Hanging Pendant Lamp – World Market
  2. Josephine Desk – World Market
  3. Zahra Caravan Tufted Rug – World Market
  4. dbO Home Table Lamp – Blue – West Elm
  5. Zak Designs® 4-pc. Nesting Confetti Bowl Set – JC Penney
  6. With A Twist Teacup – Anthropologie
  7. Lafayette Ikat Pillow Cover – Pottery Barn
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