A Bamboo Look Bed, This could be the one!


Photo via Giannetti Architects

I have shared in the past that I wanted to replace our master bed once we moved back to the States. Well here we are back in the States and the movers lost all the hardware to our old bed in the move. Perfect excuse to finally take the plunge on a new bed, or I could go to the hardware store and try to find the right bolts to keep the old one going a while longer but honestly which sound like more fun?

With a new bed on finally the horizon, I decided to revisit some of my dream beds from an earlier post, mostly upholstered.  I’m still having concerns about having a fabric headboard around my husband’s oily skin and all the dust and dirt that comes with life but I was still leaning in that direction. I picked the one I liked best and showed it to my husband who promptly said he hated it! Now mind you, this is not a deciding vote since he lets me do whatever I want with the house but I do take his opinion into consideration ( a little.) Back to the drawing board…

After tons of shopping I found a bed I had not seen before on Overstock.


The Palm Bay Bed by Magnussen

I am huge bamboo fan so why I had not seen this one before I don’t know. I must have been blinded by upholstery. At $785 including shipping this one was doable and so pretty.  I did some research and found the Palm Bay on many sites from Amazon to One Kings Lane with prices ranging from $754 – $1,050

0aab27fd119c5ddfb60417d24d19467bPhoto via One Kings Lane

I love the style of the bed but I am worried about not seeing the finish it in person. They call it “toffee” but different photos cast it in a different hue. I don’t want an orange stain but there is no way to tell until I see it in person. I checked online and one of my local retailers sells Magnussen so I dropped by to see if they had one in stock. Sadly they did not did not but I found they are able to order it at only $699 including delivery. Oh the dilemma!

I figured maybe Pinterest might be able to help. I found a few photos that look like the same bed, but is it? Not sure if any of them are but one thing I know for sure now I REALLY want a faux bamboo bed. Bonus my husband like this one too!

9280f1218c17046991680d7e602170d4Photo via House of Turquoise

img6cPhoto via Williams Sonoma Home

54c4a4c5e5754_-_12-hbx-cole-son-humming-birds-wallpaper-1014-s2Photo Via House Beautiful

126Photo via J.K.Kling Associates

Now I’m torn, do I take the plunge without seeing the bed in person or do I continue my hunt?

Might be making a trip to the furniture store today.

What would you do?


  1. I bought a comforter on Overstock because it *looked* like the right color, and was really the only one I’d found close enough. When I opened the package, it was perfect! I find Overstock’s photos are pretty true to color.

    So I would say go ahead and order it! But give yourself another day or so to window shop in case you see something in person that sways your vote 🙂

    • Thanks for the review, I think I am going to go up to the local retailer today and ask if I order it through them and totally hate it can I return? Worse case scenario I could paint it as long as the quality is good. I have heard good things about Magnussen furniture.

  2. Maggie: Just one more thing you might think about…any maybe you have. That footboard. If your mattress height is below the footboard, it might drive you crazy. Or your husband, depending how tall he is. But the One King’s Lane picture shows the mattress above the level. We have always turned down any bed frame with that problem…but maybe just buy a deeper box spring? Just a thought!

    • Good point, our foot board now hits right at the top edge of the mattress which is quite high. My husband is only 5’9″ so it is probably not an issue if it extends past but definitely something to consider.

  3. Alice says:

    Can’t your local store get a wood sample from the manufacturer?

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