Gallery Hall


We all are pretty familiar with the “gallery wall” but what about a full on “gallery hall?” This New Orleans home belongs to Kellie and Marc (my sister and brother-in-law) who are avid art collectors. With this much art to display wall space is at a premium. Lucky for them their new home, built on a long lot to replicate the traditional shotgun style homes of New Orleans, has a long hallway with lots of wall space.


To maximize the long wall and high ceilings the art is hung floor to ceiling, think the Salon Gallery in Paris, not an inch of wall wasted.


This gallery is a mix of art in all medias, styles, and colors but a gallery hall would also work with more cohesive pieces as well.


Don’t worry about household necessities like return air vents or thermostats, just work right around them and in the end they will blend right in.


and just because you choose a gallery hall doesn’t mean you can’t leave a little room for a statement piece.


So get out and start collecting because this art collection didn’t happen overnight but once it comes together it makes quite an impact!


  1. This just looks like an all around awesome house–love the floors, doors, transoms, wonderful chandeliers, and of course the art! Such a fun way to avoid a hallway being a wasted space. Maybe next time you’re in town they’ll let you photograph a house tour? The public wants more!

  2. I second that, I bet the whole house is great, please convince them to let you do a post on it! 🙂 The gallery hall is great. It doesn’t look random, because there is such a LOT of pictures, but it doesn’t look cluttered because there is not much furniture. It’s beautiful.

    • I will definitely add more of this home in the future but it is a work in progress. The kitchen remodel is underway so hopefully I can share more when that space is complete.

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