Uptown New Orleans Architectural Details

One of my favorite things to do is walk around the neighborhood looking at houses and enjoying the architecture. In New Orleans my favorite place to do this is an area locals call “Uptown” which includes a more exclusive area known as the “Garden District.” This area was developed between 1840 and 1870 by Americans who were looking to settle away from the French and Spanish in the French Quarter. The area contains everything from sprawling mansions to tiny cottages and includes a variety of architectural styles. With this variety of styles also comes a variety of beautiful architectural details.

Last week I spent a lot of time “Uptown” walking and taking picture so I thought you might like to see some of my favorite details that are common to these New Orleans homes.

Porch Brackets…


Victorian Gingerbread…


Cast Iron railings…


Elaborate Cornices Moldings…


Gable Windows in stained glass…


And if your lucky you might run across them all on a single house!
Now I hope you can see why “Uptown” it is such a great place to take a stroll. If you are ever in New Orleans be sure to check it out either on a guided tour, a self-guided tour, or just wander around to see what you can find on your own.

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