Teen Girls Room in Black, Aqua and Coral

Teen Girls Room Black, Pink, and Aqua
We are spending the summer in New Orleans taking a little break before moving into a new house in South Carolina but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about what I want to do once I get moved in. I don’t know what this house will look like or what street it will be on but I do know we will all need a place to sleep. I always try to give the kids room an update for each move and you may remember a few months back I was doing some musing over what to do in my daughter Katie’s room. I had fallen in love with a fabric and I wanted to incorporate it along with some of the pieces she already has. Turns out my almost 15-year-old daughter has strong opinions about that fabric. She hates it, so back to the mood board.
The new look started with these Martha Stewart Whim Sheets we ran across at Macy’s when we first came back to the States. Katie loved these instantly. The colors she originally wanted to work with were navy, aqua and coral but she loved the zebra sheets so much we decided to change the navy to black. This ended up being a perfect change since many of the items like the bed, chair, rug, and aqua chest are items we already have that will transition pretty easily. The bed will get a new coat of paint changing it from its current pink to black which will work well with the rug and chair. We will create a vanity type set up that will double as a desk that she has wanted for a long time. Add in the new bedding, some minor changes like lighting and artwork and we should be able to tie the new room together without too much expense.
This new plan is the beginning of something that will make everyone happy.
Now for to the part that I know makes me happy, shopping!


  1. Those sheets are adorable, who could ever say no to them?! What a lucky girl to get another pretty, new room! Best of luck getting into the new home!

    • Thanks Gloria, They had a set of flamingo sheet that were super cute as well. We were torn but the zebras won out in the end.

  2. Wow, this is going to look great! I use white or grey sheets only, no colour, no pattern, but that zebra pattern is SO cool, I’m a bit envious! 😀

    • My sister feels the same way but I love color and pattern so I go all out. Nothing against white sheets, I just love mixing colors and that gives me one more place to add some in.

      • The strange thing is: I love colour and patterns! But I am actually working towards an all white bedroom. Or, at least, all white where I can see it when I wake up and don’t have my glasses on, so it looks like I’m in a cloud! 😀 At least that is what I want, I know it must look utterly boring to everybody else.

        • I’d say the crowd is pretty split. My Mom’s house is almost entirely white, it is quite relaxing. Maybe living in a cloud is the way to go.

  3. Those sheets are amazing! I think I need some for MY room! 😀 I can’t wait to see how this turns out – I’m loving it!

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