Our Alabama House Tour


Earlier in the week I was busy at our rental house in Alabama doing some repairs before we get new tenants. The house looked really good and just needed some touch up paint and a few minor repairs but being there made a little sad for the days when we lived there. It also made me realize I don’t have a tour of this house on my blog.


We lived in this house from 2009 until 2013 and did a lot of improvements while we were there. I took pictures of the renovations but at the time I was not blogging so the pictures were mostly for my documentation. That also means did not take pictures of the entire house, but since I am feeling nostalgic I thought I would share anyway.

Our first major project was the kitchen which you may have seen in an earlier post HERE

This is the kitchen before…


Here is the After…



We also tackled some large and small fireplace dilemmas…

The large dilemma before…


And after… You can read the details of how we got to the after HERE


The small dilemma in the second living space…

We also added bamboo flooring in these two spaces as well as in the master bedroom.



Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the rest of the house but at least these give you a peak. In the end we loved the results of all our work. I still miss our big living space and our nice new kitchen. Hopefully we will find another house in South Carolina that we can love just as much.

If you’d like to see more there are some photos of the rest of the house on the rental and sale listings if you’d like to take those tours.



  1. Looks lovely afterwards. Those typical, dark cookie-cutter kitchens are a. Ight are to me, you changed that kitchen into a gem! I love the blue, floral curtains in the bedroom, the fireplaces etc. great job Maggie!

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