It’s Friday, High Five!

60529f22751b5e7311c948768de24f76Photo via Old Brand New

This week has been a week of rest, shopping, eating (more eating) and basically trying to recover from phase one of our move. I may have recovered just a bit of my sanity but full recovery it may take a while, and maybe more eating. This week I’m heading to Alabama to check on our rent house and do some repairs before we either sell or rent to a new tenant. Anyone looking to move to Alabama? If so I know the owner, I could hook you up…)  So this week will not be one of  rest but it will take a few things off my plate which is always a big relief. High-five for that. and then maybe another week of rest.

Here are a few more high-fives I found this week.

friday1. The photo above from a blog I just ran across for the first time today called Old Brand New the blogger Dabito is a “freelance graphic designer, photographer, and vintage vulture” and this living room for West Elm is right up my alley. Turns out he also lives in New Orleans.

2. Have you heard that the U.S Treasury is redesigning the ten-dollar bill. Alexander Hamilton will be replaced this time go round the ten-dollar bill will feature a woman and you can help decide who will be featured, the even have a new hashtag, #TheNewTen

3. Ohhsit combines photos with a passion for chic seating and decor. I can’t get over this chair featuring old photos of owner and designer Brittan Goetz’s mother and grandmother.

4. Your never too old for a good coloring book and I think The Wall Paper Coloring Book might be just the one I’ve been looking for.

5. Jenny at Little Green Notebook shared some amazing ways to upgrade your plain closet door, some of them are really simple and others are just plain fabulous!

Have a great weekend,



  1. I love to color, it’s so soothing! The wallpaper coloring book is a really great find. Jenny door upgrade post was awesome, too. I have some pretty ugly closet doors I need to tackle sometime soon (same with regular doors, for that matter)–plenty of inspiration there!

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