A Trip to the Bank – Architectural Salvage New Orleans


Being a New Orleans native I am probably a little biased but I think New Orleans has some of the most beautiful architecture around. If you have never visited you may remember a post I did last year on a few colorful examples. Unfortunately a post Katrina New Orleans saw the destruction and demolition of too many of these turn of the century homes. Lucky places like The Bank are around to salvage what can be saved and reused from this amazing architecture.


I hadn’t been to The Bank in years but this week I stopped in for a visit. The selection is amazing, an entire block of anything and everything you could possibly imagine from feet for your claw foot tub to beautifully carved porch brackets.


You name it they’ve got it, and they’ve got a lot of it!

Vintage door hardware, Check.


Door or all sizes, Check.


Fireplace mantels, Check.


Are you getting the picture?


While you can easily see why these architectural elements are worth saving what you may not know is that the quality and durability of these pieces far surpass anything you could buy new.


In the late 1800’s when many of these pieces were produced the primary building material in Louisiana was local old growth cypress. This slow growth wood has a tight golden to red grain and some pretty amazing qualities. Cypress heartwood naturally produces a preservative called cypressene which means it is resistant to insects, rot, decay and other damaging elements. What better proof than these architectural elements that have survived a hundred years in the New Orleans heat and humidity.


While The Bank offers an array of architectural salvage they also sell antiques and offer full service repair, stripping, even custom furniture construction. Anything you can dream up is possible.


If you’re looking to restore an old house,  add character to a new house or just looking for a one of a kind piece to add to you collection stop by The Bank online or in person at 1824 Felicity St. New Orleans, LA.

It is definitely worth the trip…



  1. Oh my Maggie! I love it! Wonder if they would take apart a mantel and ship it to apo. A girl can dream

  2. This is a cool concept! I love vintage, antiquey ornaments in a house!

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