It’s Friday, High Five!

ambersmp_074$!400xPhoto by Bryce Covey

Okay so it’s actually Saturday but I hope due to my homelessness you will give me a little leeway here. We have been in the States five days now but I’m still a little out of whack with the time change and exhaustion from the trip. I have spent the first week eating yummy New Orleans food (high-five) and probably gaining ten pounds (not a high-five but totally worth it.) Yesterday my car cleared through customs at the Port of Houston so I flew out to pick it up (my excuse why I wasn’t here) and drove it back to New Orleans. It survived the journey without any problems and I now have my own transportation again, high-five. Plus, that is one more step in getting the move completed, big high-five.

Here are a few more I found this week…


1. The photo above from Style Me Pretty‘s incredible tour of Amber from Amber Interiors home. That Kilim rugs is to die for!

2. Brain Games, a National Geographic series we have been watching on Hulu that uses real people to show how the mind work. The series goes into everything from money to memory and is truly fascinating.

3. North Carolina based artist Yumi Okita and her amazing sculptures. Yumi’s use of fabrics and embroidery turn everyday sewing items into extraordinary textile moths. Normally sold on Etsy, the store is currently on vacation but I will be waiting anxiously for their return.

4. Obsessed with finding the perfect bowl for cereal or ice cream these Latte Bowls from Anthropologie are my favorite, and they come in every color of the rainbow which make for an amazing mix and match set.

5. There is something so therapeutic about Tennessee-based photographer Emily Blincoe‘s photographs meticulously arranged collections of objects. You can follow her work on Instagram, or even buy many of the images in her shop.


No markets today but I am off to an estate sale to help curb my market blues.

Have a great weekend,



  1. Love that carpet! Would look great in Emily’s room. Bet it’s pretty pricey. Love the lamp as well. Gorgeous.

  2. The felted moth is incredible – I visited the Etsy shop and looked at the sold listings – what works of art! And thanks for sharing about Emily Blincoe – I added her to my Instagram feed!

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