Posy/Rose Bowl Arrangements


Recently I ran across these great posy/rose bowls at one of my favorite antique shops near my house in Germany, Roth Antik.  I have used flower frogs before but I was not sure I’d ever used a rose bowl. Imported from the UK these little silver plate beauties make flower arranging super easy. I am not a floral designer so anything that can make a grocery store arrangement a little more special works for me.

Rose bowls come in a variety of sizes so I bought a large one and a small one. The larger one in this photo is 5.5″ in diameter and the smaller one is 3″ diameter.DSC08343

Each rose bowl consists of two parts, a silver plate bowl and a removable cage designed to help arrange the flowers.DSC08269

Using a dozen grocery store roses I started by cutting the stems rather short. For this arrangement I used the larger bowl and cut the stems to about 8.” For an even tighter bouquet or if using a smaller bowl you would go even shorter.


Then begin adding the roses all the way around the bowl leaving two or three space on the grid open in each direction between the roses.


The grid will help keep the roses up right and keeps the spacing between the flowers consistent.


Once all the roses are inserted you have easily created an arrangement that is lovely all the way around.


If you’d like to take it a step further grab a bouquet of mixed flowers as well and add them in between the roses. The results are a professional looking bouquet that is super easy to achieve and a fraction of the price you’d pay at the florist.DSC08293

Not bad for my very first try!

Can’t get to Roth Antik, no problem. These little cuties are easy to find online either vintage or new. I found a variety of styles in both porcelain and silver by searching posy bowls on Etsy.

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