It’s Friday, High Five!

decoracao-historiasdecasa-apartamentocolorido-37Photo via Historias de Casa

I honestly had plans to do more blogging this week while the movers packed up the house but I guess I was a little too optimistic. For one, blogging from the floor or the steps does not work well ergonomically. Of course today’s set up of an old chair wrangled from the attic and the window sill is not much better but at least allows me to sit upright. Only the best for my readers! Secondly, even though someone else is physically doing the packing there was still tons to do. Have you seen what lives behind furniture that has not been moved in two years? So sweeping, mopping, touching up paint and getting the house ready for inspection have been my task for the week. Blogging, not so much…

The house is now completely empty except for the luggage we will be taking with us and some very comfy air mattresses (I say that in complete sarcasm.) Tonight will be our last night at the house, then off to Frankfurt tomorrow night so we will be ready for our flight on Sunday.I will be very sad to leave Germany but I am always excited for a new adventure, so that is definitely a high-five. Real mattresses at the hotel, high-five. Finally being done with the first half of the move, big high-five!

Here are a few more I found his week…friday1. Furniture designer furniture designer Fernando Jaeger  home tour of her colorful apartment in Itaim. The article via Historias de Casa is in Portuguese but the beautiful colors read in any language.  (You can see more photos from part one of the tour here.)

2.Bruce Shapiro’s mesmerizing Kinetic Sand Drawing Machines amazing to watch at high-speed but imagine how relaxing it would be to watch in real-time.

3. This Droplet rug which translate Michelle Weinberg’s hand-marbleized paper pattern into a beautiful rug.

4. Apartment Therapy‘s article on 8 genius uses for awkward and underused stairway landing. Where was this article two years ago?

5. Making it Lovely‘s one coffee table styled three ways, of course it may just be the that gorgeous blue sofa that has me mesmerized.

For my Locals: Sorry guys but this will be my last report on German flea markets in the Ansbach area, very sad about this. Sunday Merkendorf will have a nice market down town in the innenstadt and of course one of my favorites at Wörnitz is also going on this weekend. Our flight doesn’t leave until 1pm on Sunday so maybe I can track down one last market in Frankfurt before I go.

Hope you guys keep enjoying these amazing markets even after I’m gone.

Next time you hear from me I’ll be on the other side of the pond, wish me luck!

Have a great weekend,



  1. Oh man, Fernando Jaeger’s home tour is just amazing. Every room deserves a huge high-five! Good luck with your move! Packing/cleaning is always the worst part. I think maybe I missed where you are moving to?

    • Fortunately the packing/cleaning is almost done. We are moving to South Carolina with a stop for a few weeks in New Orleans (my hometown) for a few weeks.

  2. Peggy says:

    Safe travels! Looking forward to hearing about the next chapter in your life!

    • Thanks Peggy, we are looking forward to it. I hear you are starting a new chapter as well, congratulations’

  3. We went to Woernitz today, for the first time. Thought of you. Safe travels.

    • Iris I’m so jealous that is one of my favorites locally. We just arrived back to the States and I’m missing Germany already.

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