On the Move – Ready the Rugs


The movers are here today packing away so as long as I have a router I’ll keep on posting, but forgive me if I am absent more than usual  int the next few weeks while we make the transition.

Since the move is in full force I thought I’d share one of my prep tips that might be useful even if you’re not going anywhere. As I said in my Preparing for the Pack post, I like to get as much cleaned as possible before the move and rugs are a biggie. A professional cleaning, while nice, would get quite expensive every go round. (If your rug is going into long-term storage a professional cleaning is recommended to prevent damage from pests that may be in the rug.)

These are the steps I take to get my rug ready for the move. ( If you have vintage, delicate, or high value rugs consults a professional before doing any self care.)

If you have ever pulled up carpet you know just how much filth can get caught in the pile of rugs and carpets so a large part of my prep has to do with getting as much of that dust and dirt out as possible.

1. Vacuum, not rocket science right? Using a vacuum with a carpet brush/beater bar get as much loose material off the surface of the rug as possible.

2. Take your rug outside where you will shake or beat as much of the dust out as possible. This big guy I was able to drape over my balcony railing and used my land lords good old fashion rug beater to beat out as much of the dust as possible. My children actually thought this was quite fun so most of the work I didn’t even have to do myself. If you don’t have a rug beater a broom handle or big stick will work.

3. While the rug is outside I take this chance to give the spot where it was laying a good sweeping so you are not setting it right back in a pile of dirt.

4. Bring the rug back in but this time lay it face down on the floor and vacuum the back side of the rug. This will do two things, remove any dirt that may be on the back of the rug and more importantly the vibration of the carpet brush/beater bar on the back side of the rug will knock out dirt that has gone deep into pile.


Have a look at the photo below. This rug has been down about 6 month in a low traffic area, look at all the dirt and dust that came out after the first vacuum on the back of the rug. Yuck!

DSC083105. Clean the floor and flip the rug again vacuuming the top side of the rug. You can flip and vacuum as many times as you like or until you’re not getting a pile of dirt on the floor but I usually do twice on each side with the last vacuuming being the top side of the rug.

6. At this point if you’d like you can give the rug a spray with some sort of odor eliminator but make sure it is fully dry before going on to the next step.

7. Roll your rug. (If it is going into long-term storage rolling in the direction of the pile will be best for the rug.)


8. Secure the roll. I love good old kitchen cling wrap for this. I sticks to itself but not the rug. If your rug will not be in storage and you just want to protect it for the move go ahead and wrap the whole thing in cling wrap to keep it from getting dirty. (If your rug is going into long-term storage DO NOT wrap it in plastic. Any moisture in the rug will be trapped inside and may cause molding or damage. For long term storage paper or Tyvec® wrapping is recommended)


Now your rugs are ready for transport, but even if your rug is planning to stay at home it is not a bad idea to practices steps 1-6 every few months for cleaner, longer lasting rugs.



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