It’s Friday, High Five!

937e353c1efeead29e2725736a7c0a98Photo via Robert Passal

We are in the home stretch of our intentional move, well at least of phase one. Two days before the movers arrive to pack all of our worldly possessions into big wooden crates to be shipped overseas. I will admit that for all the stress that leads up to it there is a certain relief when all you belongings are packed and on their way. All the sorting and worry are done and you don’t have to think about it again until everything arrives on the other side (hopefully in one piece.) It is definitely a high-five to getting this task done. This week we also got our wardrobes sold. Sad to say that this is a very exciting point in our move, no more wardrobes, YEAH closets! CLOSETS, CLOSETS, CLOSETS, HIGH-FIVE! Sorry for the outburst but really who is not excited about closets? So for all the anxiety there are still a few high-fives, so high-five to that!

Here are a few more I found this week…


1. Robert Passal‘s Hampton’s retreat master bedroom, I think this may be my dream bed!

2. Because I have so much free time… Monday I’ll be joining Holly Becker from Decor8 for her Blogging Your Way E-course, Instagram Bootcamp. I always learn so much from Holly.  Hope I can spare enough time to really participate.

3. This embroidery by Stephanie K Clark really speaks to my love of architecture and color. Have a look at her full portfolio, it is downright inspired.

4. Artist Jim Bachor takes it upon himself to fill Chicago potholes with art. His 2015 crop are looking just as tasty as their title Treats in the Streets implies.

5. I don’t collect vinyl records but this Crosley Dansette Bermuda Record Player from Urban Outfitters makes me want to start!

For my Locals: My last Market weekend in German, sad but I have plans. There is a pretty good little market in Elpersdorf this weekend so I may score a few last things to pack.

Have a great weekend,



  1. That master bedroom matches your blog colors! It must be meant to be 😉 Also, I definitely appreciate my walk-in closet so much more after living in England! I didn’t even have a wardrobe, just a dresser.

    I’m happy for y’all that you get to move back to the States. I hope your move goes smoothly and safely!

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