It’s Friday, High Five!

11Photo via My Domaine

The countdown is on! Seventeen days until I step on the plane heading back to the States for good, ten days until the movers arrive, and zero days before all hell breaks loose. The house is turned upside down with stuff going everywhere. I try not to think about the move itself too much because it will be so sad to leave Germany. It is a beautiful country full of amazing things. I have also made some really great friends here that I will really miss. That is Military life for you, lots of goodbyes in the hopes our paths will cross again. My other sadness about our departure will be my amazing German markets and thrift stores. I am already feeling withdrawals. What will I do with myself?  I will think about that tomorrow because this weekend I plan to pack in as much “junking” as possible. High-five for scoring some awesome “junk” before I go!

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…


1. The photo above is from Charleston-based interior designer Angie Hranowsky and her amazing work at Darius Rucker’s Charming Charleston Home. Her use of color makes me so happy!

2. Heather Freeman at The Decorfix has put together an amazing online shopping guide sharing the best places on the web to shop for your home. Bookmarking this one!

3. The combination of this chair and wallpaper from the Harlequin Momentum Volume 2 Collection.

4. Photographic Portraits of Famous Artist’s Paint Palettes by Matthias Schaller, It is remarkable how much you can tell just from the palettes, many are just as beautiful as the art and reveal so much about the artist technique. See if you can figure which one belongs to which artist.

5. Ikea is testing out mini store for locations in smaller towns. Hope one comes to me!

For My Locals: I only have two more weekends of market shopping in Germany so here is where I’ll be. Sunday there is a market in Rednitzhembach and since Monday is a German Holiday there will markets in Wendelstein, Ornbau, and Rednitzhembach as well.

Have a Great Weekend,



  1. Wow Décor fix is full of eye candy thanks. Happy weekend to you.

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