5 Tips on Hanging a Growing Gallery Wall


I love a gallery wall but as a collector I am constantly adding to the gallery. I don’t want to have to wait until I am done collecting all my beautiful art to actually get it up on the wall so I developed a system to help me hang my constantly growing galleries.

When I moved to Germany two years ago I had just a few paper cut silhouettes but have since added quite a few pieces to the collection.  I wanted to share with you a few of my secrets on hanging a growing gallery wall without having to rehang the whole collection every time you add a new piece.

First have a look at how my gallery has grown and then I’ll share my tips.

1.  Use art pieces of a similar size. It will be hard to add a really large piece to a growing collection of small pieces and keep the gallery balanced.

2. If you do have large pieces it is best to begin with those first and add in around them.

3. Keep the distance between the pieces close and consistent, about one to two inches. If you are working with larger pieces you can add a little more. By doing this you give the feeling of one large piece of art rather than a bunch of pieces floating randomly around the wall.

I started my gallery with just these few pieces and added as I collected.


4. As you add pieces, work in a circular pattern adding around the edges on each sides to keep the balance as you go. arrow 1

5. Line one edge of the new piece your hanging with the edge of one already up creating several axis. This will give a more organized look.arrow 2

Have another look at how my gallery grew. Notice that each frame of the GIF can stand alone as its own gallery still looking balanced as pieces are added over time.

Now get out there and start collecting!


  1. Debbie says:

    Best tutorial on hanging art I’ve seen.

  2. Karen says:

    Wonderful tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Your collection is amazing.

  3. Erika Ulch says:

    love your tip #5 I am starting my gallery wall and want to add as time goes on… it is a travel wall and your axis information is awesome

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