Found it at the Market -May 2015

may 2015

1. San Marino Italian Ceramic vase 15€ ($18) – This vase was a little more than I normally spend on my ceramics but I loved the girl’s profile and the lava glaze on this one.

2. Painted Red Antlers 15€ ($18) – Thought these guys would be fun for my son’s room and at 18″ they were a steal at only 15€

3. 3.5’x5.5′ Hand Knotted Rug 20€ ($22) – Found this rug in great condition at my local thrift store, a perfect size for an entry hall or bathroom.

4. Porcelain Enameled Street Sign 10€ ($12) – Love a good vintage sign.

5. On the same day as I ran across #1 I found this San Marino Italian Ceramics Rollers Skating Girl plate 10€ ($12) – I think a new collection may have started.

6. Okay so I don’t normally include my West German Pottery in the Market posts but this one made my heat race when I saw it. When the lady said 1€ ($1.20) I grabbed it and ran!


What I didn’t buy….

These posters which are really creepy and might keep me up at night. You must find a home elsewhere ladies!


Happy Hunting,


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