It’s Friday, High five!

5547b8c8697ab025e8005fd1._w.540_Photo via Apartment Therapy

It has been a busy week getting things ready for our big international move in just three weeks away. All the pictures are off the walls, the rugs are vacuumed and rolled, the curtains down for cleaning, and the house looks so sad and lonely. My son even noted that the living room now has an echo. With so much to do I am trying to focus on one thing at a time. Looking to far ahead at all that needs to be done makes me a little crazy. One thing at a time we are getting there. On Sunday we’ll take a little break from the chaos for a quick trip to Legoland which seems like a must before we leave Germany. Hopefully a little time away from the house will be a good thing. High five for keeping my sanity up until now!

Here are a few more high fives for the week…


1.  Have you checked out the entries Apartment Therapy Small Cool spaces 2015?  Vote for your favorite like Nicole and Tyler’s 914 sq ft. home in Somerville, MA. Brings back memories, our first house was only 750 sq ft.

2.  Something so satisfying about this 3D printing technique. Glad there are people smarter than me to come up with these sorts of things!

3.  Butaca Hexagonos chair by La Tapicera in Spain

4.   Two years ago Frida Kahlo’s Wardrobe was unlocked and put on display after nearly 60 years. Now, these most private processions are revealed in Ishiuchi Miyako’s photographs on view at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London from May 14 to July 12.

5.  Odyssey: Otherworldly Macro Footage of Ink, Oil and Soap Shot by Ruslan Khasanov. These colorful images are so beautiful.


For my Locals: A great little market will be going on at the A6 Autohof in Herrieden both Saturday and Sunday.

Have a great weekend,



  1. I’ve loved how you gave me a new look at and a new appreciation for places here in Germany I’ve known all my life! I am in awe at how you are not COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT about having to move in a few weeks, but I am also looking forward to seeing your new house and what you will be doing with it! 🙂

    • That is the nicest complement, we have lived Germany so much. I’m glad we got to live here even if just for two years. Holding it together pretty well but that does not mean I don’t have a meltdown every now and then.

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