Street Art – Yarn Bombed Trees

fa5e6bc895da2c1c4a462130f5630a2cPhoto via Street Art Utopia

Yesterday I shared with you my “Tree Sweater” DIY made from crocheted thrift store pot holders. I thought today I’d share with you some more impressive yarn bombed trees that are truly inspiring. Of course I showed you mine first since it pales in comparison to these beauties but these guys are definitely an inspiration. Maybe if I save a few hundred more thrift store pot holders I can work my way up to this kind of street art.

4038a74f409a535519f425b98f7fcd38Photo via Apartment Therapy

c22ca477d8fdd4fbf9c7e1888e6a3c28Photo via 12for2012

tree-2Photo via Olek NYC

6217296b9fa08dc0958d67dddba85928Photo via of Beaten

5445e38ea7febf225a7cb2402bf7c86f Photo via KittenvonMew

50b15dda96840fb99202bbea0211677ePhoto via Street Art Utopia

img_2196Photo via Knit for Life

crochet-yarn-bombed-tree-beautiful-Photo via elodiecho

No tree, no problem check out these yarn bombs  of everything from street signs to locomotives.

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