DIY Thrift Store Yarn Bomb – A Tree Sweater


There are certain things that I run across at the thrift store all the time that I find so beautiful and full of potential but I’m not sure quite what to do with. Crochet work is of those things. I see tatting and doilies and these amazing, bright, colorful pot holders by the dozen. Someones creative handy work tossed aside. Does no one have any love for these little guys? Maybe no one cooks anymore or somebody just got over enthusiastic crocheting away. Either way I needed to find a way to give these guys a new life and bring them back to the party.

DSC07958Recently I decided to buy a giant stack of these colorful pot holders and make them into something just for fun.


I got fifty pot holders in all different colors and designs for only 10€ ($12.)

My mind went back to my post on Making Doilies Modern and I got the idea to make what I have been calling a “Tree Sweater.” Basically a way to yarn bomb the tree when you can neither knit nor crochet.


It is actually quite simple. On a beautiful sunny day I laid them out in the yard until I go an arrangement I liked. Then I stitching them together with a simple slip stitch, nothing fancy. If you DO crochet or knit I’m sure you could get more creative attaching the pieces together but for me this worked fine.

IMG_4065Once my “Sweater” stated getting large enough to wrap around the tree I gave it a fitting, adding pot holders where needed to make it fit all the way around. This is pretty easy since to pot holders are stretchy and can be pulled in whatever direction makes them fit together best. For my “tree sweater” I even made a “strap” to go around one of the branches to help hold it in place.

DSC08142The results are quirky, fun and completely impractical but the colorful bands make me smile every time I give them a glance. Whether you’re wanting to add decoration at an outdoor event or just add a pop of color for your own enjoyment a “tree sweater” is always ready to delight.

DSC08152Thanks to my new “tree sweater” my tree is now feeling flirty, fun, and ready for summer time parties. Plus all those pot holders have found a new life showing off their beautiful colors.



  1. Mx says:

    That looks great! Love the way you arranged pieces. It always makes me sad when someone’s handwork is no longer appreciated…but you’ve inspired me to dig out my rescues and make an artsy stargazing blanket.

  2. Auro Knittin Ninja says:

    Really cool, but:

    NO, not the trees, please!!!

    Bomb lamp posts, statues, electrical boxes, racks or buildings. The city needs inprovement, not nature. Trunks can get sick easily with yarn on them. We need our trees healthy.

    Sincerely: another yarn bomber.

    • Thanks for the warning Auro Knittin Ninja. I’ve read up on this and some arborist say that as long as knitting on a tree didn’t restrict a tree’s growth or sap production, it’s fine. Other scientists tell say that it could eventually hamper the tree’s growth or attract insects who would want to kill the tree. So in respect for the trees if you decide to add your art, make it a temporary exhibit!

  3. i love this! i think i will be hitting the thrift stores/estate sales with this project in mind. thank you for the inspiration.

  4. maggie! i just saw this from my friend brynne’s site, and have to tell you i am totally in love with it!!! AMAZING!!! hope all is great with ya my friend!!!! xo

    • Thanks for stopping by Ananda. All is good. Getting ready for our big move back to the states, and trying to keep my sanity. Good to hear from you!

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