Found it at the Market – April 2015


  1. Pair of large and small antlers 6€($6.60) to add to my husband’s collection in the “Man Cave.”
  2. Set of 4 Oil Portraits 60€ ($66) I love to buy a piece of art where ever I travel so when I ran across these at a market in Barcelona, I had to have them to remember the city by.
  3. West German Pottery Covered dish 3€ ($3.30) I just loved the color of this one and the little crown on the lid.
  4.  Set of 4 Mid Century furniture legs 5€ ($5.50) found these at a market in France, not a piece of art but nice none the less.
  5. Hand carved wooden horse 35€ ($38.50) These hand carved figures are common here in Germany but they are most often a huntsman or a religious figure, when I found this horse I fell in love.
  6. Blue Chest $15 (16.50) This little cutie was such a bargain and all painted up and ready to go,  it came home with me.

I have to say the wooden horse is one of my favorite finds this month. He is so well done I thought you might like to see some detail shots and the other angle.

DSC08055 DSC08056

What I didn’t buy?

This cute little “butt head” or maybe it’s the “rear’s ears” either way I decided I didn’t want it listening in on all my secrets. Maybe it will find a home where its special attributes will be appreciated.


Happy Hunting,



  1. Kellie says:

    Oh my! Luc would love that ‘butt head’. His favorite word these days is ‘butt’. Ugh. I’m trying to get him to say it in French. Doesn’t derriere sound better?

    • Well if it is still at the thrift shop when I go back I will have to grab it for him. (If it is not there, someone else obviously has great taste.)

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