It’s Friday, High five!


Spring has sprung here in Germany and this southern girl is loving it. I am not ashamed to say,” I NOT a fan of cold weather.” Snow is pretty for about five minutes until I have to shovel the walk or clear it off my car and some winter days it seems like I just can’t get warm. This means I am always ready for Spring to arrive. In Germany, Spring seems to arrive in full bloom with flowering trees  and colorful tulips and daffodils in every yard. All this new life and warmer weather makes me want to give someone a high-five.

Here are a few more high-fives for the week…


1. My Japanese Magnolia that puts on the most beautiful show every spring.

2. This post on  Rock stars at home with Mom and Dad from 1970-71. I’d like to go chill on some of their vintage furniture!

3. I’ll take some graffiti like this any day, how much fun would some“Graffitrees” be in my yard?

4. love the idea of bringing the outdoors in with this rug design by Flor, a sun room with pavers and grass.

5. I ran across artist Erin McIntosh on Instagram and fell in love with her work. The colors and pattern in her art make me swoon.

Happy Spring!



  1. Thank you so much for featuring my work on your blog!

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