10 Things To Do With Vintage Sheets

PicMonkey CollageLast weekend at one of my favorite thrift stores I ran across a stack of vintage sheets. I’m pretty sure most of them date from the 60’s and 70’s based on their bold unapologetic color and pattern (which I happen to love.) I bought this stack of Euro shams without any grand plan grand plan on what I wanted to do with them.DSC07953

In the back of my mind I was thinking how fun they they would look as a mixed match set.


This photo by Teawagon probably says it best. (Actually her Flickr feed is full of all sorts of amazing ideas as is her blog Tea Wagon Tales.)

The more I looked around the more I found great things to do with vintage sheets so I thought I would share a few of my favorite ideas.

One big plus about using sheets in any kind of sewing is having a large expanse of fabric that is wider than almost any fabric you can buy. I love to use them for quilt backing so no seams are required.

db61880b8196bd878762b9712e401330This makes them great for making large items like these shower curtains seen on  A Country Farmhouse


or this cute children’s tent by My Cakies


But there is no need to stick to household items these dresses by SOHOMODES are so much fun for springtime.


And for the boys, how about these ties I found at Kitchcafe


Sew Mama Sew had the bright idea of making pajama pants out of this pre-softened fabric.


With smaller scraps how about some cocktail napkins like these by Design Sponge


or cover a lamp shade like Nature Mom.


and when your done with all that not even the smallest scrap needs to go to waste, make a happy quilt like Katie’s Kitchen Blog


or a colorful rag rug like Blue Corduroy Photo

With all this creative inspiration I’m thinking I may have to run out and buy a few more vintage sheets.


  1. Alice says:

    OMG! I had/have the sheet used to make the lamp shade.

    I must have 25-30 “vintage sheets.” I use them to cover my blooming shrubs and plants to protect them from late frosts. I am awed by the more creative uses of them.

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