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A few weeks ago I found this amazing chandelier at my local thrift store for just 20€ ($22.) It was in great condition but one of the glass pendants was missing (probably broken.) I figure if it was one of the inner ones it would not show too much, no big deal. It was a great find but I was torn since I really wasn’t looking for a chandelier. After a bit of thought I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I didn’t have enough cash on me so I had to run to the ATM and hope it was still there when I returned. Fortunately it was. I paid for my score and just as I was loading it into the car one of the thrift store employees ran out with the holding the missing pendants, it was fate!


DSC07306The chandelier measures 15.7″ (40cm) in diameter 3 tiers of tubular textured glass pendants (50 in all) each with little flecks of amber in the glass.



The chandelier had a tag showing it was manufactured by Doria so once I got home I did some research and found this one which is very similar for $3,200, WHAT? Now admittedly 1stdibs has super high prices but obviously some one is paying them or they wouldn’t be in business. Still, I could not believe my 20€ light was selling for $3,200.

1st dibsSo I decided to take my search to more reasonable sites like Ebay and found this exact match for only $975


So worst case I would only profit $950 off this little beauty, that is if I were willing to sell it.  But I think this one is a keeper and a pretty great bargain for only 20€ ($22.)

I guess that trip to the ATM was worth it.

Happy Hunting,



  1. Kellie says:

    Love it! Great find, lucky girl.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I so envy thrift stores around the world, not very common in my country (Argentina).
    I´m a new reader, coming from some other diy/design blog, and I find yours fascinating. Thx Maggie!!!

    • So glad you stopped by, hope you become a regular visitor. We have been in Germany for two years now and I have been so spoiled with the thrifting here. Nothing gets thrown away!

  3. That is such a great light. I have a weak spot for light fixtures and deals that are too good to pass up. If I were you I would have regretted not buying it, like keep me up at night regret. So I guess I can sleep soundly knowing this was purchased! Awesome find!

    • I know what you mean Gloria. People talk about “buyers remorse”, but I am much more likely to have what I call “passers remorse.” Sleepless nights over the deal that got away… I’m sleeping soundly on this one for sure.

  4. Holy cow, not only is it a stunna, you also made away like a bandit!! So glad it was still there after you hit up the ATM!!

  5. Niiiice score Maggie!

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