Comfort Works FRIHETEN Slipcover Review

DSC07397 You may remember about two weeks ago I shared that I was contacted by Comfort Works, an Australian based slipcover company, about reviewing their slipcover for the Ikea FRIHETEN sofa. In my last post I shared how the ordering process works and my fabric choice, Kino Orange. Well guess what guys, my slip cover has arrived and I couldn’t be more pleased. I chose the orange for a big change and I got exactly what I was looking for.


What a big change from before, I switched out a few accessories and got a totally new look.


The slipcover arrived just a few weeks after I placed my order and was well packaged in its very own storage bag. A great presentation when opening the box.



In the bag are all the slipcover pieces neatly folded and each piece is well labeled with a tag on the inside seem that says which part of the sofa it should be used on. Genius!

The minute I pulled the slipcover out of the bag I fell in love, the Kino Orange was perfect. I was also impressed with quality of the fabric, I could tell it was durable and did best of all it had very few wrinkles even after being boxed and shipped. The slipcover was also very well made, the seams are sturdy all the raw edges are surged to keep it from doing any unraveling in the wash.
Although it was little more work to install I chose the Snug Fit slipcover because I wanted to have the option to change the chaise from left to right if I needed to. I also loved the fact that the Snug Fit looks like new upholstery, not a slipcover. In the end I did not have to take the FRIHETEN completely apart, just remove the arms and back so the new slip cover pieces could slide over.


The install was fairly simple, the hardest part being disassembling the sofa. My only complaint was that it would have been be nice if the slipcover included some instructions, not detailed but at least a note that each piece is labeled and the screw holes have to be cut by the installer. I emailed my contact at Comfort Works to find out about cutting the holes and she was very helpful but if there had been some instructions included I would have been able to get right to work.

Untitled 2

The install is pretty straight forward. Most of the pieces fit over the sofa parts like a fitted bed sheet. It does require a little push and pull adjustment to get the seams lined up with the corners but it’s not rocket science. Alone, I was able to disassemble the sofa, install the slipcover, and put it back together again in under an hour. So not a huge project and probably even quicker if you have a helper.
Here is and video of the install where you can see exactly how it all works.

So now that the sofa looks pretty and new I guess you want to know what I think of my new slipcover, this is a review after all.
First the good stuff…
As I said the quality of the slipcover is exceptional and the pieces fit as described “Snug” on the sofa, you would not know by looking it was a slipcover. I love the fact that it looks like I had the sofa re-upholstered.


I chose to add cording to my slipcover which I think adds to the upholstered look and makes the sofa look more expensive. The additional detail is a step up from the Ikea streamline seams and gives the sofa a more traditional look.

I also love that the new back cushion covers are full fabric on both sides, for some reason (money probably) Ikea chose to skimp on this so the cushions cannot be flipped. Now if one side gets soiled I can flip it over until I have time to get it in the laundry.
Now for the bad…
Well actually I have to admit there was nothing really bad just a few things I might change to make the slipcover better.
There were only two things I see that could be improved upon on my Comfort works FRIHETEN slipcover and both are very small. The first being that the piece that Velcros around the lower part of the sofa pull out could be a little tighter. I had to pull my Velcro to the very edge of where it would attach and it still seems a little loose which make it wrinkle some. With the rest of the sofa looking tight and upholstered I would like this piece to look tight too. Since I sew I think I might add another strip of Velcro along the edge of the existing so I can tighten it a bit.


The second issue I found was on the bed compartment cover. This piece is optional so this would only apply to those who bought the cover and would only be seen when the bed is pulled out but I wanted to address it since it is an additional charge. The design of this piece is different from the sofa cushions covers in that it only has elastic on the front and sides, not the back. Unfortunately that means is does not fit securely around the back part of the bed cushion and causes it to pull at the back revealing the original sofa fabric. I am sure this is done so that the bed mechanism still works properly but it would be nice if they could add a Velcro tab or a strap that goes around the back that would keep this cover secure. Like I said, this is not a big issue since this would only be seen when pulling out the bed but if you’re paying extra to order this piece it is because you do care that the pull out matches.


Here is a view of the full bed compartment with the slipcover on.


I am extremely pleased with my new Comfort Works Snug Fit FRIHETEN Slipcover. I would wholeheartedly recommend Comfort Works Slipcovers to anyone who has Ikea or Pottery Barn Basic furniture but also anyone looking to have a Custom Slipcover designed. The customer service at Comfort Works was great any question I had, they were happy to answer. The shipping was fast and I had a brand new slipcover in just a few weeks from start to finish. And most importantly the quality of the Comfort Works
slipcover is exceptional and the price cannot be beat.

Full disclosure: Comfort Works provided me with a FRIHETEN slip cover for this review but there was no paid compensation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




  1. That orange is gorgeous! It goes great with that red table and the new accessories 🙂

  2. It really looks like upholstery more than like a slipcover, and the cording makes it look very high-end. I am impressed (but, by now, not surprised) that you have cushions at hand that work so well with the new slipcover. Especially the floral ones, they are stunning! 😀

    I am thrilled with how the sofa seems to match your haircolour at the end of the video. <3

  3. the’re nice, but the cover at comfort works is even pricier than the actual sofa…

    • In Europe you may be correct as the Ikea furniture is usually priced cheaper than in the U.S. I’m not sure of the prices on other sofas but the Friheten runs $699 in the U.S.and the basic snug fit slipcover runs $389 quite a bit of difference from the price of a new sofa. Custom slipcovers are notoriously expensive but I think what you are paying for is the ability to get exactly what you want, along with the option to easily change, and wash that upholstery doesn’t provide. For sofas like the Friheten that are not offered in a slipcover version I think the pricing is very fair. For other brands like Pottery Barn these slipcovers are a downright steal.

  4. Hannah says:

    Maggie, found your site looking at friheten sofa from IKEA, then I’ve just realised that your orange sofa is actually slipcovered and not offered by IKEA! It’s amazing though how your sofa can achieve such tailored and upholstered look. Have to say it’s not cheap, but am wondering how’re they going few months after this reviews? they holding up ok?

    • Hi Hanna, Thanks for stopping by. It has only been a few months but I still love my Comfort Works slipcover, it is holding up great. These slipcovers are really great quality and although not cheap they are an extremely good price compared to the pricing of other slipcover companies. I love my orange Friheten and noticed that IKEA has now released it in orange (must have seen how great mine looks.) I will remind you that the upholstered look of the tight fit slipcover does mean that it is NOT easy on and easy off, the sofa has to be disassembled. If you are looking for something that can be washed often I would go with the loose fit. If you just want a different look and a higher quality upholstery go with the tight fit. I love the results my new look!

  5. Michaela says:

    Hi, Maggie! – finding Comfort Works (and your review) has convinced me to finally go ahead and purchase a Friheten, which I’ve been thinking about for a few months. I notice that you say you chose to add cording to your slipcover – is that an option that Comfort Works offered, or something you did on your own?

    • Micheala, Comfort Works will pretty much do anything you request. they do completely custom slipcovers so adding cording to one of their standard slipcover is not a big deal. Just e-mail them your special requests to find out if their is any additional cost. Their facebook page is an excellent resource to see all the different ways you can upgrade your covers.

  6. Jen says:

    For the price you could buy a new couch.

    • That is true if you are looking at replacement Ikea sofas but the price of a sofa isn’t the only reason why people choose to purchase a slipcover. I have children and pets so I chose a slipcover because I am able to machine wash it as often as needed, plus it keeps the upholstery clean underneath for the day I have a little less grime in my house. Some people choose a slipcover so they can change the look of their sofa from one season to the next, others may just want a color or fabric not available in upholstery. While slipcovers are not for everyone they definitely are the perfect solution for some.

  7. Olga says:

    600 euro for the couch (in the Netherlands) and over 450 euro for the slipcover+delivery costs… Nice idea, but sorry, don’t think that pricing is fair. It is still IKEA at the end.

  8. Shannon says:

    Love this! I’ve just ordered some fabric samples for my sofa. I noticed in your last photo the grey pulls are still visible – are you able to tuck those between the cushion to hide them?

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