It’s Friday, High Five!

leeannyare-stylingleeanneyare-photolarnienicolson-diningroom copyBusy week of packing and getting ready for Spring Break. Packing always makes me nuts because I never feel like I have anything to wear or the right shoes, or the right combinations of clothes for the right weather. I don’t know why I get so worked up about it because in the end it really doesn’t matter. I pack all this stuff and I  always seem to end up wearing the same comfy outfits everyday. I guess I am just not a fashionable traveler, if I know we are walking all day the comfy shoes always win, in my head I think I’m going to be cute and fashionable everyday but really I just want to be comfortable (as long as no one is taking a picture.) The good news is today we leave for our Mediterranean cruise and the packing is done whether I look cute or not.  Big high-five!  My husband gives to high-fives because he always has to hide while I pack to keep from getting yelled at.

Here are a few more I found this week…



1. The photo above part of a sneak peek from the April 2015 Inside Out Magazine featured on Desire to Inspire. The caption says it all, ‘flying colors.”

2. If you are thinking this week will be a week of leisure here is an info-graphic that may come in handy. Here’s How Long It Takes To Binge-Watch That TV Show You Keep Hearing About

3. A Beautiful Mess, these girls rock and their April Fool’s documentary trailer had me rolling.

4. Interiors Addict shared these DIY ceiling roses made with rhombus ceiling tiles you can order online. I love that they have a bit of a masculine feel that would work perfectly in a boy’s room, and they look cool too.

5. Dior and I, a documentary which gives a glimpse into the mysterious world of Haute Couture as it follows the first eight weeks of a young Raf Simons’ tenure as designer-in-chief at the house of Dior.  See the trailer HERE

For my locals: Market crazy is about to happen! Easter must be the kick off because this weekend is full of great markets, many of which continue until Monday due to the holiday. My favorite at Wornitz is Sunday and right on the way to that one there is one in Aurach. In the other direction there are two in and around Schwabach Here and Here.


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