Taming of the Rug Fringe


I’m sure you remember my new(old) rug from my master bedroom post and as much as I love it, there is one little problem.  After having the rug a while I notice that my bare feet kept getting tangled in the fringe on one end, very annoying in the middle of the night in the dark.  As I looked closer I noticed that one end of the rug had a twisted tight fringe about 4″ long while the other end (the annoying end) had a 6″ cut fringe that was full of tangles and loose threads.

After talking to a rug dealer I learned that the tight end was the looped around the loom while the other end was cut once the rug was complete. The biggest problem (other that getting tangled in it every night) is the loose end can begin to unravel over time, if this continues into the rug’s pattern it is very expensive to repair. So I decided I needed to do something about this mess…

DSC07486After doing some research I learned that knotting the fringe on the loose end of the rug would keep the weave from continuing to unravel. The knot that I used is fairly simple and looks like this. If you would like more detailed instructions on how to tie fringe you can find it HERE

After about an hour of knotting I ended up with a nice even row of knots but an uneven fringe.


Fortunately my fringe was extra long so I use my quilting ruler and scissors to give it a trim.


After a nice haircut my fringe is feeling much more manageable.


and my little late night footsie are very thankful!



  1. This is great! I used to have so much trouble with rug fringes! I don’t have a fringy one right now, but if I ever get another, I’ll know how to tame it! 🙂
    And thank you for the knotting instruction, this knot will let the fringe lay flatter than a “normal” knot. Going to pin this IMMEDIATELY! 😀

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