It’s Friday, High Five!

mad men 2Photo via Interior Design

Crazy busy week but it is finally coming to an end. We have company coming in town tomorrow and a Mediterranean cruise the following week so I have tried to get ahead on top off all the regular craziness. I have blogged my little heart out so you guys won’t miss me too much. I have finished projects for others so I can get them out and on their way.  Today I must scrub the house (good times.) But the good news is, come tomorrow if it didn’t get done, too bad! Time for a break before the real chaos begins…THE MOVE.  So high-five for a couple of week of R&R to preserve my sanity.

Here are a few more high-fives I found this week…


1. This week Season 7 (Part 1) of Mad Men is streaming now on Netflix, I’m on episode 4. In honor of one of my favorite sets of all time I thought I’d share Interior Design’s Mad Men Set Design slide show. When they sell off the set, can I be first in line, pretty please?

2. When I first moved to the Seattle area, years ago, Domino published a Seattle shopping guide in their magazine. I hit every store on the list and they were amazing. With our move to South Carolina looming I’m thinking Domino’s Charleston city guide might come in handy.

3. Society 6 presents illustrator Guillaume Cornet’s Parisian Neighbourhood a 75 hour illustration in under 2 minutes. Could watch this over and over again, so amazing.

4. Bradford Shellhammer home tour on Refinery29 is full of color and so is his new e-commerce site, Bezar. The online shopping site features feel-good, design-minded accessories, art, and home decor that’s full of color, just like I like.

5. Feeling a little nervous about committing to mural wallpaper? How about a hanging it as a large scale art like this one in  Vogue. For me the plus, I can take it with me when I go, if it will fit on the truck…

For my locals: Saturday there is a fabric market in Nürnberg, I missed it last year but maybe this year I can squeeze it in. I am a total fabric junkie!

And while you’re in Nürnberg remember the Easter market continues everyday until Easter.

Have a great weekend.


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