It’s Friday, High Five!

fccb8624a9baa578b9513598d2be213aPhoto via Domino

It is Friday but this is one week I will be glad to say goodby to. Our house is still struggling to get healthy after several rounds of a nasty cold/flu bug that just keeps returning. I was down with it for a second time this week and it was no fun. I feel like I coming out of the worst of it today but who knows how long this will linger in our house. Hopefully this is the last bout.

On a happier note, just yesterday we finally received official news on our next move. Looks like South Carolina it is! This summer we’ll be heading back to the states and starting a new adventure. There will be lots of organization to handle between now and then but finally knowing is a big high-five! Here are a few more…


1. Natane Boudreau’s NYC apartment tour on Domino, with its lovely pops of color.

2. Pete the Peanut’s crib, that has the best furniture ever!

3. This Tumblr combines Wes Anderson movies and color palettes, they work so well together!

4. Gaudí-Inspired Tiles Turn Your Floor Into A Maze, my so would never get off the floor.

5. I ran across the fashion blog Atlantic-Pacific earlier this week when I shared my thoughts on leopard print but it if you haven’t check the blog out already please do, she has an amazing style!


  1. Sandy Moore says:

    So glad you’ll be coming home to the USA!!!!!

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