Thrift Store Treasures – Covered Dishes

soup tureenSome of my favorite thrift store finds are covered dished. Anything from a soup tureen right down to little covered sugar bowls always catch my eye. Like all china they come in different shapes and patterns that blend with any style and you can grab them for just a few bucks.

IMG_3565 IMG_3553What you may not have considered is their versatility. These little treasures can be used in more than just the kitchen, think of them for storage all over the house. This cutie looks great on my coffee table.

DSC07239But he’s also doing double duty hiding remotes.

DSC07240In the bedroom I use a sugar bowl on my vanity for storing ear rings and watches but they would work great in the bathroom too for cotton balls and Q-tips.

DSC07247And the one in my sewing room works great for storing little odds and ends.

DSC07248I even have a few with broken lids I now use as planter.

So the next time you pass one of these pretties at the thrift store consider the possibilities.

Happy thrifting!


  1. Phyllis Prather says:

    Hi, Maggie! I love your posts and have gotten so many ideas from them. This post hit home for me as I also love covered dishes and have quite a lot from thrift stores as well – sugar bowls (1 use on my kitchen counter to keep my butter room temp.), potpourri dishes (great in my bathroom or on a credenza with potpourri), and many others that I use similarly to you for jewelry, in my sewing room, desk, etc. as they are so versatile!

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