Fashion for the Home – Sophisticated Leopard Print

Photos via Atlantic-Pacific

Lately I have a fever for Leopard print. This bold print has always had a place in fashion and when done right adds an amazing sophistication. The key to leopard print is keeping it subtle. In other words NOT a full body spandex cat suite. A few key leopard print accessories like those in the outfits above make for a perfect combination of sexy and chic.

Using leopard print in you home works the same way. Rather than a Graceland Jungle Room, a few rich leopard print accessories will add  flare that is not too over the top. Keep it simple with a few leopard print focal points and the result will be pure sophistication.

Have a look at these designers that got it right.

living room 2 .jpg.jpgPhoto via Dimples and Tangles

1-1Photo via Dwellings By Devore

28da9b38f0d2d6c1c38ed5786f529f92Photo via Erin Gates Design

055f03e22607f762d4ade6ebb288d42dPhoto via Lonny

d63e566550532e6e518e68060743ba21Photo via Nomad Luxuries

47-Sally_diningPhoto via MMR Interiors


  1. I love this post so much! I’ve seen leopard print done entirely wrong in home decor; however, all the images and tips you gave show how to adequately do leopard print right! Great post!

  2. Well, I have a leopard print dog bed. (Of course.)

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