High Five, It’s Friday!

BA00051139Photo Via Brittany Ambridge

Our house is now in week three of a nasty round of a cold/flu virus that will put down for a week straight. My husband thought he had escaped the evil but Monday morning he was spiking a high fever and has been down all week. Today will be another day of  Survivor marathon! That is not a metaphor my husband has used his week in bed to watch season after season of Survivor, and I am about ready to get off the island. He also happens to need ice cream, coke and maybe just a small bag of peanut M&Ms to keep his strength up.(No one got me ice cream and peanut M&Ms when I was sick.) Hopefully he will get well soon and this cycle of illness will leave our house for good, Momma has things to do. Plus we have a ball we are supposed to attend tomorrow night that I am hoping he is well enough to go to. My dress is awesome by the way and it won’t be nearly as much fun wearing it around the house while I nurse my sick patient. So if we can get everyone in this house back into good health I will be ready for a HUGE high-five! Here are a few non health related high fives…


1. SF Girl by Bay’s article on the talented photographer behind Domino magazine, Brittany Ambridge and her amazing photos. did you know she is Domino’s sole photographer?

2. This tumbler feed by Bianca Luini called Where I See Fashion. Bianca matches fashion photos to photos of just about anything that looks like it could have inspired the design. The matches are completely unrelated and totally beautiful, check them out!

3. Dreaming of Spring and Anthropologie always has the prettiest dresses, maxis are my favorite. I think I might need to order this one for my cruise, hope it’s warm enough.

4. This tile pattern from the portfolio of London-based architects Cousins & Cousins, via Desire to Inspire. I’m inspired!

5. This wall stencil by Royal Designs Stencils on Etsy. Love the modern take on the herringbone pattern, just might have to use this in Will’s next room.

For my locals: As the weather gets nicer, the markets will be getting more abundant and I am super excited about that. This Sunday my favorite market in Wörnitz will be going on and there is also one scheduled in Ansbach, so lets hope for a continuation of the beautiful weather.

Have a great weekend,


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