Modern Persian

DSC07164If you thought Persian rugs were traditional and stuffy you thought wrong. More and more I am seeing bold Persian, Oriental, and Turkish rugs used in combination with modern furniture. The juxtaposition of traditional and modern makes for an eclectic look that is almost timeless. Even in the most minimalist spaces these rugs seem to blend seamlessly. Even better they work in almost any room of the house.

(Sorry guys, I just had to use the word juxtaposition there. In architecture school they loved that word and really how often can you work that into a conversation? Just insert “contrast” if you don’t want to humor me.)

With visions of beautiful interiors dancing in my head I could not pass up this great rug I found at the thrift store yesterday. It is only a 3½’x5′ but it is the perfect size for the entry hall or maybe a bathroom. I’m not sure if it will live in the entry permanently but I do love it with colors in the art seen in the photo above.Modern Persian Have a look at these great spaces mixing lovely traditional rugs with modern design.

101338050.jpg.rendition.largest Photo via BHG

main.original.585x0Photo via Domaine Home

small-IMG_65841Photo via Design Crisis

Gastrike4_900 Photo via Pelle Lundquist

Modern PersianPhoto via Domaine Home

Modern PersianPhoto via Emily Wheeler

I think I may need to do some more rug shopping…


  1. This is a beautiful rug. Sadly it looks horrible in front of those two chairs. HORRIBLE. But you know where it would look good? In front of my future Stocksund sofa, that’s where! 😀 (Just kidding, that’s my envy speaking!)
    But seriously. the colours are great, this is a very joyful rug.

    • It would look good in front of the Stocksund sofa, when are you going to finally break down and buy one? I saw another one on Clearance at Ikea last week, it even had the slipcover. I don’t need a sofa but they keep taunting me, I may end up with one before you do.

  2. Maggie, it’s not a question of breaking down! I’m definitely getting one, and I may or may not be already planning the cushion arrangement on it. The only thing I am waiting for is for is the money. A client is not paying me, and I actually took him to court for it … long story short: some of the money he owes me is earmarked for the Stocksund. 😀

    • That no good, if he knew what an important purchase you were going to make he would surely pay you right away. Hopefully you will get it resolved soon so you can get your pretty sofa.

  3. It’s as if some people just don’t understand a woman’s need to buy furniture. *shakes head sadly*

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