It’s Friday, High Five!

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Last week the kids were sick but when I finally got everyone back in school, I came down with the crud too. Why does this always happen?

I have tried to take it easy but I am SO not good at it. I paint a little, take a nap, scrub a little, have a hot cup of coffee, move some furniture, take some more Dayquil. I have things to do, I don’t have time to be sick! Actually, I’m just not very good at sitting still, I feel better when I’m getting something done which means being sick just about kills me.

In order to speed my recovery I have committed to completing a project I started over a year ago. I know, I know, it is not something that should have taken this long, so for the sake of my health and space in my garage it will get done.(Stay tuned for the results.) I am hoping I will be back to normal soon, but even if I’m not getting the never-ending project completed will definitely make me feel better.

High-five to a health filled week to come and getting projects done.

Here are my high-five for the week…


  1. Everyone here knows I am a huge fan of vintage, but not in a traditional way. I am a fan making vintage your own and using it in a different way. Apartment Therapy did a great job sharing How to modernize your favorite vintage finds.
  2. Is J.Crew the Next Big Home Retailer? With there home & gift selection steadily growing, rumor has it this may be a sign of a future in home goods. I vote yes!
  3. I’ve seen yardsticks used as wainscoting but I love the idea to use them as flooring as seen in this  SCAD a project that explored micro-housing and the future of urban living.
  4. I have been hoping to run across a vintage Sputnik light in my market searches but if not I love this one Julia at Cuckoo 4 Design shared in her recent post.
  5. Dash and Albert‘s new Gypsy Stripe Woven Cotton Rug, if you’re not sure have a look at how Mandi at Vintage Revivals styled it up Basic Boho.

Have a great weekend everyone,



  1. cuckoo4design says:

    Thanks for the shout out Maggie and happy Friday!

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