Coming Around to Copper

poppytalk-copper-jessica-hanson-sam-mcadamcooper3Photo via Poppytalk

Metallic have always had a place in home decor. For years I would have said I was loyal admirer of silver and chrome but in recently my eye has begun to wander. Golden metallics are so warm and inviting how could I not be smitten, the more I see them the more I love them. Recently a new metallic has popped on the scene, Copper. This new metallic has the best of both worlds, while it feels crisp like silver it has the warmth of gold. When shined and glossy it is sleek and modern but aged and tarnished it has a vintage feel. I have to admit when it first turned up again on the interiors scene I was a little torn.

Most importantly, will it work with color?

wallcabinetVia BHG photo by Adriaan Louw

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 I love mixed metallics, does copper play well with other?

myths-my-house-shermans-officePhoto via Dwell

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Does it blend equally well in modern and traditional design?

NNcZX7Y8iyrxPhoto via Lonny

P80_0131_027RPhoto via Yellows

Does it work just as well outdoors as in?

5ce4ced1d2b24665af14764c059ca7baPhota via Barn Light Electric

6fac0c997596cb4153e0eac8072bab30Photo via TracyRapisardiDesign

Check, check, check, and check…

Hhmmm, I may just be coming around to copper.


  1. I didn’t need to come around to copper, I’ve always liked it, so I’m glad it’s so popular now! Wondering if I should stockpile copper EVERYTHING for when it goes out of style again 😀

    • Well now is the time to stock up. I think I have a bad 70/80’s copper reference from my childhood that is holding me back. It involves patriotic Liberty Bell wall paper, I may be scared for life.

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