Found it at the Market – February 2015

Although the market scene is a little slow in the winter it is still very much going strong. The markets are a bit smaller but if your willing to bundle up and brave the cold there are some great finds out there. I also like to do a lot of thrift store shopping during the winters months to keep me going thought the winter. Here are some of my latest finds…

  1. West German Ceramic Jewelry box – 3.50€ ($4.20)
  2. Framed needle point ship – 3€ ($3.60)
  3. Grey glass canister with gold trim – 1€ ($1.2)
  4. Mid-century turned wood lamp – 10€ ($12)
  5. Six carved wood flower bowels – 3€ ($3.60)
  6. Chinese Chippendale style bamboo chair – 10€ ($12)
  7. Set of three ceramic bowels – 5€ ($6)

Here are a few close-ups of my favorite purchase, a turned wood gourd lamp. The design is created from several layers of laminated wood that when turned on a lathe create the most beautiful geometric designs.

And of course as always I have been avidly collecting West German Pottery and “Fat Lava.” If you follow me on Instagram you know I post these finds pretty much daily. This week I visited a store that had not visited in a while and scored a whole truck load.

What I didn’t buy is this handsome fellow. “Why, oh Why?” you might ask. Well, would you have a place suitable for such royalty? I certainly do not, so I figured I would leave him for someone who could give him a home suitable to his status.


  1. cuckoo4design says:

    Love that lamp!

    • Isn’t it amazing. I love a good score like this. It came complete with a huge hideous shade including tassel trim. I’m thinking more over sized drum, so I will need to do some shade shopping. I have been lucky living here in Germany, at least here in Bavaria, the MCM craze has yet to really take off so I am able to score some amazing things for dirt cheap. There are a few resale stores in Nurnberg that specialize in it but even their prices are a bargain compared the what people in the States are selling it for. Probably moving back this summer so I have to rack up while I can.

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