It’s Friday, High Five!

Domino-Decorating with bright colorPhoto Via Domino

Ladies and Gentleman I have a feeling its going to be an amazing day. I got a great nights sleep, the first in a while. The weather man tells me that the temperature will be creeping up in week to come all the way up to the 40’s and we may even see the sun, what? Of course he said that last week but this time I am sure he’s right. After a week of kids home sick from school and slushy winter weather, I’ll take it even if it’s only the hope of some sun. Now that everyone is back in good health and off to school and my husband has the day off so I’m thinking that today is a great for a little  junking and maybe a nice pre-Valentine’s lunch date. High five! And here are a few more…friday

  1. Domino’s article on decorating with bright color and oh that green velvet sofa, I’m in!
  2.  My new book on one of my favorite collectable,  “Fat Lava.”
  3. Leave it to Messy Nessy to find these amazing Afghan War Rugs decorated with helicopters, tanks, and drones. I think my husband needs one of these down in the “Man Cave.”
  4. This Ikea hack by Kimberly at SwoonWorthy, talk about bright color. Love me some campaign furniture!
  5. This fabric by Brie Harrison featured on Design Sponge, all the pretty colors!

Hope you all have a weekend full of high fives.



  1. I hope you have a great day! And oh those velvet sofas … You know I am still trying to find the perfect one for me, and I’m still torn between the uber-comfy Tidafors (sadly it’s one of the ugliest sofas known to mankind) and the beautiful Stocksund. The added plus is that you can change the covers on the Stocksund, which might make it possible to have it covered in velvet sometime in the future.
    Not sure if I am deluding myself here or if I am very shrewdly playing the very long game, sofawise! 😀

    • We had a great day scored,some amazing fat lava but no velvet sofas. I do love the velvet sofas, actually considering making a slip cover for my current sofa out of a peacock blue velvet. If I get around to it I will be sure to share.

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