Dreaming of a New Bed

Master Bedroom in Aqua and BlushIf you have kept up with my master bedroom update you know I am dying to buy a new bed, unfortunately since we are living in Germany a queen bed is next to impossible to find.  Instead I have done some online dreaming.

Our current bed we bought over ten years ago from a Pier One Kids which is no longer in business.  At the time I was looking for a Mission style bed on a small budget so the oak models were out of my price range. When I happened upon this one on a trip to Houston the store was having a close out on all queen size beds since they were not a big seller for kids rooms. I got a solid wood bed and two matching night stands for under $300 including shipping. Not a bad deal but not the bed of my dreams either. I think now that I have gotten my money’s worth it may be time to consider a replacement.

What I do like about my current bed is that although it does have a foot board it does not extend past the mattress which can eat up space in a small room. Since we move a lot this is something to consider. What I don’t like is the head-board is low as well which means you can barely see it behind the pillows. This worked out well for this room since the ceiling is sloped but when we move back to the States I’d love to have something more dramatic. Here are some I found I think might fit the bill and they are all under $1,000

For drama I really like a tall upholstered head-board like these.

Skyline-Furniture-Upholstered-Wingback-BedSkyline Furniture Queen Upholstered Wingback Bed $749

2023831_fpx.tifMalinda Upholstered Queen Headboard & Rails-$798

Nail+Button+Panel+BedSkyline Furniture Nail Button Upholstered Panel Bed $564

But are upholstered beds too trendy? I’ve had my current bed for ten years, will an upholstered bed stand the test of time?  Maybe something in between may be a better idea. A traditional shape combined with an upholstered insert like these two.

JCPenneys-Gabriella-Upholstered-BedGabriella Queen Upholstered Bed $668img59cRhodes Queen Upholstered Metal Bed $549

Of course my husband thinks an upholstered bed would get dirty and with his oily skin he may be right. Will dirt and oils ruin the fabric? Maybe upholstery isn’t the way to go at all…

Maybe something in my favorite style, mid-century?

22d3d8020b1d4c1ca596cbd6d8b0ae9eQueen Mid-Century Bed – Acorn $999

Or a style that has already stood the test of time?

Magnussen-Furniture-Shady-Grove-Slat-BedMagnussen Shady Grove Slat Bed $718

So many to choose from, but honestly of the ones I am looking at, I really am leaning towards the Gabriella Upholstered Bed.


Copy Cat Chic recently compared this bed to the Restoration Hardware Maison Panel bed which at $1,000 more for an almost identical bed makes this one look like a steal. Of course it would need a good coating of Scotch Guard before anyone goes near it.

For now I still have a while still to dream so if you have a favorite bed let me know.


  1. LisainAL says:

    Ooh, I like the slat bed! Upholstery with my cats would never work. You need an upholstered bed that is easily reupholstered- by you! Because you will never make it 10 years with the same fabric. I know you. ; )

    • Too bad your not here to pass it on to. The cat spends most of his time in Katie’s room so it should be safe, but definitely something to consider.

  2. We are in the market for a new mattress, so anything to do with beds interests me! My one comment would be about a footboard. Doesn’t your husband have his feet bump up against it all the time? My husband would not go for any footboard above mattress level…ever! And he’s 6’1″, so not all that tall these days. We have something sort of similar to yours that we bought at Ethan Allen probably 12 years ago and still love. But, yes, at times I have a wish for an upholstered headboard. I think they are so pretty and elegant and just…grown up looking! How about not doing a solid fabric, to avoid stain problems? Or use an indoor/outdoor fabric that will hold up better? I do love all nailhead trim. I’ll be doing a post on my mattress search (as I just did for the washing machine!) in the near future. Any suggestions there?

    • So many good things to consider. My current foot board is just below the top of the mattress so I never considered the length of the bed. My husband is only 5′-9″ so it may not be an issue but I do know he hates the sheet being tight around his feet so he would probably be very annoyed if his feet touched the foot board. Definitely something to test out. Our current mattress is a few years newer than the bed but I will probably replace that too. We have a standard spring pillow top mattress. It is very deep and sits high on the frame when combined with the box spring (probably why the foot board does not extend past the mattress.) I know now you can get box springs in different height to help adjust the height, something to consider. I would also pay attention to the mattress height, some now are so deep you can barely find a sheet to fit them. When we bought ours we went out and laid on a ton of mattresses we tried the Tempur-pedics but we both found them very hot, not breathable feeling. There’s my two cents, Will love to hear what you find out there before I start shopping. Good luck

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