It’s Friday, High five!

zoé13Image via Miluccia

This week has been a tough one. Nursing the cat back to health (he does not like to be nursed, by the way) and keeping up with my January Cure tasks meant that by Thursday I was about done in. In order to maintain my sanity I have decided that today will be a mental health day. No stress, just doing whatever I feel like doing, at least until the kids get home from school. If retail therapy in necessary, so be it, but I plan to enjoy myself today. Hoping it will be a high-five kind of day just like these great finds of the week. friday

  1. I ran across the photo above of Zoe de Las Cases’ Paris loft and could not get over the art work, turns out Zoe has an online store where you can buy a set for yourself, along with other super cute accessories.
  2. Ever stopped to see the worlds largest ball of twine? Well check out some of the best of  Roadside America.
  3. Victoria and Albert museum exhibit on shoes starting this summer, appropriately titled Shoes: Pleasure and Pain
  4. Achieve a Mid-Century Modern Style
  5. Always looking for something to do with all my fabric scraps, how about making fabric twine with this great DIY.  Maybe I’ll make my own giant ball of twine!

For my locals: there is a market on Sunday in Winsbach, which is usually worth a stop if you are in the area.

Otherwise bundle up and enjoy your weekend!



  1. You absolutely deserve a day to yourself! Have fun! 🙂

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