Found It at the Market -January 2015

market January 2015Winter has settled in which means a lot of cold, snowy weather, not the best conditions for markets, but that doesn’t mean there is not shopping to be done. German flea market vendors are petty hard-core so unless the conditions are severe the show will go on. While markets are scheduled less frequently they are still up and running straight through the winter.  So with the occasional market, amazing thrift stores, and my favorite antique shops there are still lots of great deals to be found. Here are some of my favorites this month:

  1. Snakeskin (look) silver boxes 10€ each ($12) Perfect for attractive storage.
  2. Carved Driftwood bowl 35€ ($42) This is an artists creation which includes layers and layers of colorful paint.
  3. Porcelain Foo Dog 5€ ($6) Who can’t use a Foo Dog?
  4. Murano Glass Flower Chandelier  20€ ($24) In love with this one, I think the master bedroom will be a perfect home.
  5. Sombrero Silkscreen Print on Cork  35€ ($42) This amazing Large scale print just makes me smile.
  6. Vintage Side table 10€ ($12) Perfect addition to my vintage orange chairs in my basement sitting area.

The Murano Glass Flower Chandelier is one of my favorite finds, I just love the shape and all the glass flowers. I found one almost identical on 1stdibs for $2,724. Holy cow I scored a deal!  Thought you might want to have a look at it up close.

What I didn’t buy… This fine specimen, is it a dog ,maybe a lion? A log I guess. I don’t know but I am sure it is one of a kind. It is still available if you must have it…photo 2


  1. KDB says:

    That chandelier is EVERYTHING! omg. Love. Love. Love.

  2. I love your findings. I have a question related to the overall feel of your blog and I wonder if you could help me out (fellow blogger). What do you use to create those awesome “posters” with your finds, and how do you manage to add a white background to all your items (as in those featured in the Found it at the Market).

    Thanks for the info 🙂

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