Big on Large Scale Portrait Photos

191a583268c0a5820bdac147173f39aaPhoto via V&S

I love spending my free time checking out beautiful homes all over the internet and lately something big has really caught my eye. I am captivated by  large-scale portrait photography. Whether it’s an old Hollywood shot, something artistic, or even a beautiful shot of your own child I love the drama of these close up over sized prints. What an easy way to make a big statement.

If you think you need one for yourself, Online photo developers that will enlarged your photos are easy to find, even local places with photo centers can blow up your favorite photo. I have a framing shop near my house with a giant plotter that will even print them our while you wait. If you don’t have your own photo, places like Anewall sell images like the one above of Mary Eaton in sizes up to 54″x68″. Now that’s a statement!

still_life_inspiration_5228287addf2b33c99a97513Photo via Svenska Mäklarhuset

painted ceilingPhoto by Florian Braun via Fashion Communications

white-tulipsPhoto via House and Home

51bcaadddbd0cb1eb40010ab._w.1280_h.1280_s.fit_Photo via Apartment Therapy

09bd5b87653af2cd649653467f14631fPhoto via Elle Decor

36307a866dba5fb2fcb96aec4a8e94e3Photo via Fenton and Fenton

Just beautiful, and if you’re looking to fill some vertical space what better way to do it?

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