January Cure – Taking Action

masterAn unexciting Monday has passed and the week is looking good so far. As I promised today I will share my progress in week two of the January Cure with Apartment Therapy. This week was busy at the house so it was fortunate many of the tasks over lapped or were things I was already working on.

Monday was easy, Get your Get together, together. Choose a date and time for a get-together and make the plans. This one is easy since we always have someone stopping by but maybe an official get together is  in order.

Tuesday, do a Surface Sweep which is a quick three-minute clean of one room of your house. I remember a show I watched as a kid where each episode two clowns were doing different tasks but the film was sped up to look like they were moving really fast. My sister and I loved to clean our room like these clowns so I figured why not try the surface sweep exercise with my kids who are 9 and 14. I set the timer on my phone for five minutes (a couple extra minutes of cleaning never hurts) and let them at it. When I came back I was amazed how much they accomplished in just 5 minutes. At the start I could barely see the floor in my sons room and by the end the room was pretty darn presentable. I think the 5 minute sweet just might become a regular activity, they actually asked “are we were gonna do this every day.” Why that’s a great idea. The kids know they only have to do it for 5 minutes so less complaints. They are also a bit competitive so if I pronounce a winner at the end, who accomplished the most in 5 minutes, it gets them even more motivated. A side note: be sure to set the disclaimer that sweeping things under the bed does not count as cleaning.

Remember last week when I had to observe an area that needed work? Just as I suspected on Wednesday it was action time. That means the sewing room drawers finally got tackled. They look fairly innocent in this photo.

sewing room But, you may remember this lovely mess hiding inside…

and that is only one of the drawers.


DSC06864Yes I did clean all three.

Now I don’t get a pit in my stomach every time I open a drawer.

Thursday’s task was declutter a drawer, since this was essentially my larger project I just kept going. I have a few more drawers in the sewing room that were not as bad but still needed a little TLC. I can honestly say I de-cluttered six drawers this week and even started on the junk drawer in the kitchen.


Friday is always a job for the weekend and this weekend it was the Bedroom. You guys know I have worked on updating the Master bedroom so this was the perfect push to get the job complete. It was already fairly clean behind furniture and under the bed since I recently painted and moved around all the furniture so I worked on finishing the drapes and making a few pillows. The master is now clean and complete so look for the big reveal VERY soon.

And finally my weekly favorite, flowers. This week I went for white tulips and a smile.

DSC06862It’s looking good around here guys and we still have two more weeks to go. Can’t wait to see what this week brings.


  1. My mom used to put a baby bed mattress under my twin/single. That way I couldn’t shove my toys underneath!
    So jealous of your sewing room. The drawers look amazing!

    • Thanks I love my sewing room, just hope I am lucky enough to have a space for one in the next house.

      Your Mom had the right idea. My son has a trundle bed under his but there is still a bit of room for stuffing things in. I admit I use the space sometimes myself for extra blankets and stuffed animals.

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