It’s Friday, High Five!

casa_dirk_mexico_467420736_1599x1200This week was whirlwind busy, stressful but exciting at the same time. Lots going on in our house to keep me on my toes and lots going on in our lives. Mostly because there are big changes on the horizon. It is getting time for another move and we are anxiously awaiting a final decision.

For military families when it gets time for a move you are given a few choices (some of which you may have requested, but maybe none) and then you must choose between the lesser of the evils so to speak. Well the e-mail came yesterday with the list,  now we must decide. With a daughter will be heading into her sophomore year so schools are a big factor and of course the kids get a vote. (Theirs is usually based on whether there is a Chick Fil A or not so it does not weigh as strongly.) The official choices are all state side but we also have a special request out for a slot in Italy which would be bittersweet if it panned out. Long story short, we have a little clarity but are still in limbo, stressful yes? I am a supper planning nerd so all this makes me a little crazy. I get to the point where I don’t care any more, just tell me when and where.  We have been scoping schools, nearby places of interest, distance to home, houses, conveniences, weighing the pros and cons at all the locations (some get thrown out right away) and pick which we think would work for our family. Then we send our request back and wait some more for a final decision. We do all this every two to three years. It is a scary and exciting time but my family is pretty used to is. It is all the kids have ever known and to be honest it can be a really fun time. (Especially since I could sit all day and look at houses online.)

Not long now before a big announcement so stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted….

For now have a look at some High Fives for the week.

friday1.This home from Architectural Digest Espana which has the perfect mix of mid-century, traditional and glamor.

2. Time to plan our spring break trip, got to get our travel in before it’s time to go. I’m thinking maybe a luxury cruise to Greece... Well, maybe just a regular cruise to Greece.

3. British designer Tom Dixon‘s latest range of desk accessories in copper. Copper is back strong this year but I am still not fully on board but this desk set has me drooling.

4. Have you seen the new Lilly Pulitzer line for Target? I know not everyone is a fan but the outdoor items for summer are awesome, then again I love color and Lilly has that down!

5. A cell phone tower hiding in a cactus? What about a palm tree? They had the big pine Pine tree cell towers when we lived in Washington State but I think I like the cactus best.


For my locals: One of my favorite markets at the Autohof A6 in Herrieden is on Sunday. Hopefully the weather will be nice because last weekend it was definitely NOT.

Hope you have a great weekend. I have some bedroom work to do for my January Cure, I’ll let you know how it went on Monday!



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