My Favorite Gifts of the Season

DSC06740This month I am busy getting things around the house organized and orderly, that includes finding a place for all the lovely gifts I received for Christmas. We did not spend the holidays with family this year but I received some lovely gift in the mail that I thought it would be fun to share. Most I received this year but one or two are gifts I received last year that still bring a smile to my face.

Jonathan Adler Fish Scale Pen and Kate Spade Saturday Notepad my best friend from back home sent me. She said I could use it to help document my creative ideas, I have it next to my computer and am filling it rapidly.

Anthropologie White Poppy Vase  that my Mom got me last year. These are still available and part of series, I would love to have them all!

Marc Jacobs Salty Pretzel Studs my sister sent me since Pretzels are my new favorite snack.

Jonathan Adler Scotty Dog Giant Eraser to go with my pen and notepad. It’s not just cute, it is a really great eraser.

Vintage Bronze Icarus Statue I saw in an antique store last year and loved so much my husband surprised me with it for Christmas.

Monogram Mug from Target. These were available for Christmas and my sister sent one for each family member. Now everyone get’s there very own mug.

C. Wonder Monogram Orange Jewelry my Mom sent me which quickly found a home in my new entry hall design. Box this one is no longer available but the newer model can be purchased HERE

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