Jumping Into the January Cure 2014

DSC06727Every year one of my favorite design websites, Apartment Therapy, runs a month-long series of posts called the January Cure. Starting January 1st participants are given daily or weekend tasks to help them create a “new” cleaner and more organized home. I admit last year I had plans to get started on the Cure but amidst our man cave renovations I wasn’t really ready for the rest of the house. I made a list and accomplished a lot but in my time. This year I am attempting to go all in, follow the calendar as closely as I can and get my house clean and organized (at least for a bit.) I love working on decor and my house is usually presentable but I admit deep cleaning is not my favorite, so we will see how it goes and I will keep you posted on my progress.

Have a look at the assignments so far:

Assignment #1- Clean floors, Buy flowers, Gather cleaners.

This one is a project. This weekend I attempted to complete the task but since my children were still home from school and I enjoy an empty house for cleaning floors it was a little more difficult than usual. I would say I am about 80% complete on the floors and am looking forward to going out to buy some flowers as soon as I get them done this morning probably need to stock up on some cleaning supplies as well. I am thinking an Orchid and lots of scrubbing bubbles.

Assignment #2- Make a list of projects

Okay task one is easy, I usually have a list of projects a mile long (mostly decorating/construction) and there are plenty of things around the house that need to get done so I am listing away. I love a list but that doesn’t always mean the list gets done. I blogged a to-do list last January that still has a few items that I still not complete. Like organizing my sewing room drawers and although the garage was clean it is now a mess again. Arrgh! Guess I should add those to the new list.


Yes, that is one of my dirty little secrets. The sewing room drawers have not been organized since we moved in the house a year and a half ago. I think I see some organizing trays down in there somewhere…

With the turn of New Year I am excited about all the possibilities of the year to come so I am hoping this will give me the motivation I need to complete the Cure. Plus, now that I have shared with you that I am participating there is also the added pressure of accountability. Next week I promise to share an update on how it’s going.

Guess I better get to work on those floors before I am too far behind.

If you are interested it is not too late to join in the “FUN.”  Any takers?



  1. Alice says:

    The January Cure usually only lasts about a week or two for me, but I’m diving back in this year. Neat and clean houses function better, well decorated houses live better. You can’t lose.

    • Two weeks means your halfway there, which is better than my track record. I am really going try to stick it out this time around, I can see the progress already and am excited to get some things done!

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