Year-End Recap, Top Ten Posts 2014!

Happy New Year everyone!  Has another year gone by already? Holy mackerel, what a year.  2014 marks my first full year of blogging as well as my families first full year living in Germany. It has been an amazing year. The blog is growing with 153 posts and over 83,000 views this year and I have been able to share my work on some amazing blogs and websites. My family and I have traveled all over Europe and seen places that I would only have dreamed of taking my kids if we were still living in the States. My only complaint would be that times seems to fly TOO fast.

No matter how fast it comes, 2015 is here so once again it’s time for a year-end recap.  I wanted to share with you this years most popular posts if you haven’t checked them out already or you just wanted to have another look. I thank you all for reading along and sharing your thoughts. You guys are what makes this blog fun so keep reading and keep sharing.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 2014 and is ready for the New Year to come.

Happy 2015!






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