High Five, It’s Friday! On Saturday…

IMG_3079[1]I’m a little late for Friday , I hope you don’t mind.  We returned late this afternoon from our Christmas trip to Paris only to find our car battery dead in the airport parking garage. Not the best end to a great trip but fortunately the garage had jump starting equipment so we were only delayed about an hour getting home.  Glad to be home to share with you a few high fives for the week.friday O64A2796_HD1. Our trip to Paris was amazing. I think everyone found something they loved. It also reminded me a lot of home. The architecture, the sights, the smells even the language reminded me of New Orleans. I guess if I could not be home for Christmas, Paris was a great second.

2. While visiting Paris I also visited the amazing Le BHV Marais Department store pictured above. This palace has everything! From fine handbags and clothing to a full-fledged hardware department, crafts items, home goods, even a Starbucks. You need not shop anywhere else. What more could you ask for, a beautiful store that has everything!

3. My house made Apartment Therapy’s list of Best International House Calls of the Year.

4. Vintage Revivals hysterically awkward Christmas photos.

5. The amazing space created by Hotel-Hotel in Canberra, Australia. This collaboration between designers, artists, artisans and fantasists couldn’t get any cooler…

No markets to share this week but it’s gonna be a cold one so I suggest staying home with some hot chocolate and cuddling up for a good movie.

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