It’s Friday, High Five!


It’s Friday again, that means we are getting close to the big day, are you ready? I am, well sort of. We leave for our big trip to Paris in 9 days so we plan to have our Christmas celebration a little early that means time is almost up for me. I think I am about done, with only a few more small things and stocking stuffers to gather. The bigger job is all the holiday parties that require a dish to share. I think I may just need to bake cookies for the next 7 day. Wish me luck!

Hope you survive all your festivities too…friday1. Who wouldn’t want a Barbie like these? In a new editorial for Vogue Paris, Paris-based set designers at Neochrome created sets that look like the famous doll boxes to represent several luxury brands’ iconic looks. Can I live in this box please?

2. The new Pixar movie Inside Out looks like it’s going to be a winner! As a wife and mother of a teenage daughter this looks exactly like what I imagine is going on in my families brains. You can watch the trailer HERE

3. Nothing says Christmas like Beard Baubles, and apparently I am not the only one who thinks so because these are all SOLD OUT. Looks a good DIY for the holidays…

4.  Can’t pick a color, decide over dinner with these paint chip placemats

5. And Audrey because everyone should be wearing glitter eyeshadow for those holiday parties, Right?

For my locals: If your up for the cold there is a small Trödelmarkt at the Rewe in Ansbach and of course Christmas markets galore. Ansbach and Nurberg both are going strong.

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