Decorative Stars from Paper Straws

Paper straw stars, great for any time of year This year I am seeing paper straws everywhere, made in every color and pattern imaginable it’s no wonder they are so popular.  I love these guys but how often do you just want a straw for your party? I came up with these super easy stars that can be hung or just set on the table for decoration, you can literally make them in about five minutes. All you need are straws and a zip tie.  I am sure you could use some sort of string or twine in place of the zip tie but everyone knows how hard it is to hold and tighten at the same time, the zip tie makes this a breeze. The paper straw are firm so as you bend them they will flatten in the middle and the zip tie will loosen, just tighten as you go and the results are instant. I bought my straws at a local store but the options available on Etsy are amazing, anything you could possibly think of they have.

Here is how it works:
Paper straw stars, great for any time of year and super easy to makeThere you have it, I used twelve straws per star because mine came in pack of twenty-four and I could get two stars out of each pack but experiment with your straws and see what works best for you. Choose different colors for different occasions. Hang them in clusters, scatter them along the buffet, add them to you tree, or glue them to a stick to create a festive bouquet. Enjoy!



  1. I love these! I am visiitng my grandson soon and was going to take some straws along to make these with him. What a fun project and inexpensive too. If you don’t have colored and just have slick kind of straw, you can spray silver or gold or any color. Thanks for diy instructions!

    • Yes the plastic straws work too and are probably easier to work with for kids but we are well out of spray painting season here in Germany. Plus, i love all the pretty patterns on the paper straws. Happy crafting with your grandson!

  2. Shopping question: What sort of local store carries straws like these? I like them, but so far I haven’t seen them in any stores here in Germany.

  3. Cute!

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