Found it at the Market – Leipzig

Found it at the market LeipzigAre you drooling over this retro dollhouse furniture? If your like me you are wishing for a full size set just like these for yourself. I got a whole box full of furniture for 25€($37.) These are my favorite pieces but there are a few others I didn’t get to photograph.  The German markets always have a vast collection of doll houses and furniture but I have never run across such a great deal on a whole set. I could not resist…Found it at the market Leipzig
1. Black Vintage buttons two sets of six 4€($5.50)
2. Vintage Sparta hand cream tin 1€ ($1.40)
3. Hand cut paper silhouettes with Asian theme 12€ ($16.) Love the color on this one, you don’t see this often.
4. Hand cut paper silhouettes 15€ ($21) This one has great details.
5. Some amazing West German Pottery. You know by now I can’t go home without a few pieces of this but since Leipzig is in the former East Germany there really was not a ton of it at this market but the pieces I did fins were great! Large 21″ white vase 8€($11,) Large 17″ Blue vase 6€($8,) Small 8″ red vase 3€($4)

This set of chairs I got at my local thrift store this week but I saw a pair almost identical to them at the market for 40€ ($56) which I thought was a great price. Lucky for me I paid only 20€ ($28) for mine!

Market ShoppIng in Leipzig

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